Dr. Dahir has contributed to the following publications since 2009.

 Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals

      Dahir, M. (2011). Sexual medicine health care model and nurse practitioner role. Urologic Nursing,

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Feldhaus-Dahir, M. (2009). The physiology and causes of female sexual arousal disorder Part I.

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Feldhaus-Dahir, M. (2009). Testosterone for the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder: 

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Feldhaus-Dahir, M. (2009). The causes and prevalence of hypoactive sexual desire disorder: Part I.     

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Publications in Books

Dahir, M. (2010). May the Circle Be Unbroken. In S. Koraleski & K. Ryan (Eds.), 

     A time to heal: A 12-week program (pp. 153-173). Omaha, NE: Concierge Marketing.

Dahir, M. A. (2012). Women & Sexuality. In E. Q. Youngkin, M. S. Davis, D. M. Schadewald, & C.

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