Testosterone for Men

A lack of testosterone can negatively affect your health and quality of life. Take the quiz to see if you may be suffering from low testosterone. You may be a candidate for hormone replacement.

Screening for Low Testosterone*

  1. Do you have a decrease in libido (sex drive)?
  2. Do you have a lack of energy?
  3. Do you have a decrease in strength and/or endurance?
  4. Have you lost height?
  5. Have you noticed a decreased enjoyment in life?
  6. Are you sad and/or grumpy?
  7. Are your erections less strong?
  8. Have you noted a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?
  9. Are you falling asleep after dinner?
  10. Has there been a recent deterioration in your work performance?

Did you answer YES to either question 1 or 7? Did you answer YES to at least three questions?

If so, a blood test can determine if you have low testosterone.

* Adapted from: Morley JE, Charlton E, Patrick P, et al. Validation of a screening questionnaire for androgen deficiency in aging males. Metabolism. 2000; 49(9): 1239-1242.

 Testosterone Replacement

There are several different forms of testosterone replacement therapy:

  1. Transdermal
    • a cream or gel applied to the skin daily
  2. Injectable
    • injected every 2-4 weeks
  3. Implantable pellet (subcutaneous testosterone therapy)
    • placed under the skin around the hip area every 3-6 months
    • TESTOPEL® is the only FDA-approved testosterone pellet